Changes at High Probability Selling, Starting in 2016

The Old

The old High Probability Selling was part of High Probability, Inc., a company which is now closed after more than 25 years in business.  That company was founded, owned, and operated by Jacques Werth, who is now retired.

The New

A group of individuals are working together to keep “High Probability Selling” alive.  We call ourselves “High Probability Consultants,” and we have all worked closely with Jacques Werth doing coaching and training in the High Probability Selling methods and ideas.

The Blog for High Probability Selling has been restored at a new location, with all of the old posts and comments.  (see about the blog, including details about following or subscribing to it)

We are now offering new sales training for High Probability Selling in the form of individual coaching and consulting.  We plan to offer group training workshops and teleseminars (or webinars) in the near future.  (see training)

The book is still available for sale in various formats.  Recordings of a few teleseminars are also available for sale.  (see our products & materials webpage)

This website is being updated by Carl Ingalls, with a new look and new content. 

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