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Sales Training Techniques

The first thing you said in the training was... "I'm not here just to teach you how to sell, I'm here to change your life." You have.

— Paul Pencoe

Sales Training Techniques

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How to Turn Cold Calling into Warm Calling
Recorded Teleseminar

If you're in Sales, cold-calling is a fact of life. For most salespeople, it's the most dreaded part of the sales process. It doesn't have to be like that!

In this recorded 1-1/2 hour TeleSeminar, I'll teach you how to Turn Cold-Calling into Warm Calling. You'll learn how to eliminate most of the rejection. You'll learn to eliminate most of the stress.

Most important, you'll learn how to get the results you want: Prospects who say "Yes!" to what you're offering.

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If you want to quickly and painlessly find prospects who want what you're selling, you want this CD.

What's the difference between Cold-Calling and Warm Calliing?

Cold-Calling: You avoid picking up the phone.
Warm Calling: You routinely pick up the phone- and dial.

Cold-Calling: You feel anxious.
Warm Calling: You feel relaxed.

Cold-Calliing: You know you're likely to be rejected.
Warm-Calling: You rarely feel rejected and dejected.

Cold-Calling: You're prepared to do battle.
Warm-Calling: You're prepared to do business.

"I used to sell to less than 25% of my prospects after 3 meetings. Now I sell to over 50% of my prospects in the first meeting. I used to be a salesman - now I'm an order taker. It's almost boring."
Jay Kaiser, Financial Services

What we cover in this Recorded Tele-Seminar:

  • Why you should stop "Pitching" - and how to present an offer people want to hear.
  • How to craft the Offer for your product or service
  • How to know when NOT to push for the appointment
  • How to organize your prospecting list and how/when to re-contact

Thousands of salespeople are using High Probability Prospecting every day. They're dialing and making offers- without stress and anxiety. They've learned how to turn Cold Calls into Warm Calls- and set appointments with people who want to buy what they're selling.

"...each time I lift the receiver and each time I put it down I think gratefully of your course and how badly I would have handled the situation without you."
Klaus Bung, RTC Webdesign

You, too, can learn to make Warm Calls. Buy "Warm Calling" today- put the fear of Cold Calling behind you.

$42 $47

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