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      Sales Training Techniques

    Q&A: Cold Calling

    Teleconference Notes

    REMEMBER that when you need to sell, it doesn't mean the prospect needs to buy. It's not their #1 priority: If it was, they'd have it already, or be talking to you already.

    Q: How many prospect should I have on my list?

    A: The largest list most people can handle is 1,000 names. Those are 1,000 targeted names.

    Q: How often should I call my prospects?

    A: In most situations, you should contact every name on the list every 3-4 weeks. Remember, you're presenting a different offer with each call.

    Q: How many dials can I do daily?

    A: The average salesperson using our system does 50 dials an hour. Remember, few dials will be answered on the other end. Organized and efficient salespeople can dial up to 80 times/hour.

    Q: How do I warm a prospect to leave the door open for a second call?

    A: In High Probability Prospecting, there's no need to do that. State your offer, followed by "Is this something you want?" You'll get a yes or no, usually a no. The next time you call, just state a different offer. Continue on with the process and the calls, until you get a "yes."

    Q: Should I leave a voice mail message?

    A: No. It's been proven repeatedly that you are 30% LESS likely to do business with people when you leave voice mail messages. We don't know why, but we do know that the statistics demonstrate this repeatedly. Theory: Voice mails annoy prospects.

    Q: What should I do about the gatekeepers?

    A: Present your offer to the gatekeeper. Ask if this is something that the prospect wants. When gatekeeper replies, "I don't know", ask gatekeeper if he'll ask the prospect for you, or if you could be put through to ask the prospect directly.

    Q: What should I do if they say, "eMail me the information?"

    A: You should have something prepared and ready to transmit mmediately – prospect should have it in hand in about 20 seconds.

    Q: How does the traditional "features and benefits" selling fit into High Probability Prospecting?

    A: The features and benefits are part of the Conditions of Satisfaction. If they want or need a feature or benefit, make that explicit, and include that particular feature or benefit in the Conditions of Satisfaction for that prospect.

    Q: What is the best way to word an offer?

    A: In the language of the listener, in their own terms. Avoid using industry acronyms and jargon. Avoid polysyllabic words. Usually, it's best to express an offer in language easily understood by a typical 17 year-old.

    High Probability Prospecting Tips

    Your offer should have no more than 4 concepts and no more than 45 words:
    1. Your name and your company's name
    2. A brief description of what you're selling
    3. 1 Feature
    4. Another feature
    Then, request a commitment that includes the word "Want."

    Do NOT thank the prospect for their time. It's been proven to lower success. We don't know why, but we know it's true.

    The longer you keep prospects on the phone in order to get an appointment, the less likely you are to ever to do business with them.

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