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    About our Distance Learning Courses and Sales Teleseminars

    All of our sales training is provided via teleseminars and teleconferences.

    Our workshops provide a live interactive learning experience limited to a maximum of 12 participants each. The workshop consists of nine sessions, of 90 minutes each, via teleconference calls, led by a certified instructor. Sufficient time is available between sessions to provide real world “learn by doing” opportunity for each element of the curriculum.

    How It Works

    • All workshops are limited to 12 participants.

    • Each session lasts about 90 minutes.

    • All sessions are led by an instructor.

    • During many sessions, you will practice new skills via role-plays, and receive immediate feedback and critique from the Instructor and other workshop participants.

    • A High Probability Sales Training Workbook will be mailed to you before your training begins. The cost of all workshop materials is included in the enrollment fee.


    "Greetings from the sunny Southwest. Being a recent "graduate" I am most proud of the results. Since completion of the tele-conference school, things for us have been terrific... The magic question - "What do you want to do?" - has made us a very respectable $100 grand since school and using it!"


    – Ted Mietzner






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