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    Sales Training Techniques

    Jacques Werth is now retired.  The updated version of the About Us webpage is here.

    This webpage is part of the older website (from 2015 and earlier).  We apologize for any errors.  Content is gradually being updated and moved to the current website.

    About High Probability Selling

    High Probability, Inc. was a leading sales process development firm led by Jacques Werth (until the end of 2015, when he retired).  He had a 25-year track record of researching, designing and improving sales processes.  The typical result of his work, regardless of the complexity of products, services or sales cycles, was a simple linear sales process that significantly improves closing rates.

    Meet Jacques Werth, the man behind
    "High Probability Selling"

    Jacques Werth, author of High Probability SellingJacques Werth, the President and founder of High Probability Selling, is a lucky man: He discovered his passion for selling early in life, and has enjoyed success in his chosen profession for over 40 years.

    After more than four decades in the "sales game," Jacques has earned, and deserves, a comfortable retirement.  His work with High Probability Selling has changed people's lives, and continues to do so.  His mission:  To revolutionize the sales process through his system of "radically honest selling."  High Probability Selling is based on the deceptively simple concept that people buy from people they trust and respect.

    High Probability Selling is working in over 70 industries...

    Partial Client List:
    Air Products and Chemicals
    Alexander's Office Centers
    Aluminum Ladder Company
    American Capital Corp
    Ameritas Financial Services
    AmSouth Bank
    Assist 2 Sell
    Bank of America Securities
    Blessing-White Consultants
    Cardinal Nutrition
    Carbis, Inc.
    Century 21 Real Estate
    Chicago Title Insurance
    Christian Science Monitor
    Clever Ideas, Inc.
    Coldwell Banker Real Estate
    Colonial Life and Accident
    Industries Served:
    Consumer Packaged Goods
    Financial Services
    Industrial Equipment

    About the Sales Process of High Probability Selling

    The High Probability Selling Process is based upon extensive research of the top 312 performers across 23 industries. They were an elite group—part of the top 1% in their respective industries—who typically out-produced the top 20 percent in their industry by a factor of 3 or 4. Werth and his team went out on sales calls with top performers, observing and recording everything they did. Their discovery? These sales stars had intuitively created a totally new sales paradigm. They didn't realize that they were different. Jacques Werth did. He collected the data, analyzed it, and put it together in this simple yet powerful sales training program—High Probability Selling.

    Call:  +1  610-627-9030   (USA)

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