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Selling Techniques
High Probability Selling, The Book

"This may be the
most astonishing –
and generally
convincing – book
on sales that I
have read."

Duncan Maxwell Anderson,
Senior Editor,
SUCCESS Magazine


This webpage shows the Table of Contents of the book, High Probability Selling, with links to the introduction and the first four chapters that can be read online.  A newer version of the Table of Contents (with links) is here.

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Sales Training Techniques

About the High Probability® Selling Book

This book provides a quick, easy-to-read example of a salesperson learning High Probability Selling on the job.

Over 90 percent of salespeople who have successfully used High Probability Selling in their businesses have read the book multiple times.

Discover an effective alternative to persuasion-based selling methods.

Make more sales in less time, with less stress.

Read the First Four Chapters Here


A New Paradigm

A New Beginning

High Probability Selling & Traditional Selling: A Comparison

High Probability Selling Applied: Some New Concepts

Chapter 5: High Probability Prospecting
Chapter 6: Target Marketing: Identifying Niche Markets
Chapter 7: Establishing a Relationship
Chapter 8: Discovery/Dis-Qualification
Chapter 9: High Probability Closing
Chapter 10: Some Fine Points
Chapter 12: A Complete High Probability Sale

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Sales Prospecting • Closing Sales

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