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    The Truth About Truth in Selling:
    Sales Ethics is NOT an Oxymoron!

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    Are Selling and Ethics mutually exclusive? Many salespeople believe that they must stretch the truth, bend it a little, and puff it up in order to close the sale. That is a popular Sales Myth. The truth is that being truthful is not only a moral choice - it's an imperative for Sales Success.

    We know that some of the best salespeople - 16 percent of the top performers - are not very truthful. More importantly, we know that 84 percent of the top salespeople practice "total disclosure."

    Trust and Respect are the foundation of the High Probability Selling process. In this teleseminar, Jacques Werth will lead an in-depth discussion on Sales Ethics, focusing on how and why honesty and ethics impact your bottom line.

    "An amazing difference before and after I took the workshops...I owe my present position to High Probability Selling."
    — Steve Houser, CEO, Linsure, Div. Lincoln Investment Planning

    In this 90-minute Teleseminar, learn:

    • The mechanics of utilizing the truth in the sales process
    • The Top 5 Buying Decision Factors
    • How omitting negatives from your presentation negatively impacts your sales
    • The correlation between high ethical standards and high closing rates
    • The 'poison words' that trigger mistrust in prospects
    • Why the language of selling is necessarily different from the language of marketing
    • Why Trust and Respect are crucial to the High Probability Selling process

    Selling ethically, like all High Probability Selling principles, has been proven to statistically boost the probability of closing sales. Many salespeople report that truthfulness also reduces the stress and anxiety associated with the selling process.

    Radically Honest Selling is a Win-Win situation for both Buyers and Sellers. Buyers conduct business feeling treated fairly and respectfully. Salespeople enjoy their work more - and enjoy greater financial rewards.

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