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    Sales Training Techniques

    Sales Force Training & Sales Management Training

    Is your sales force playing the wrong "Numbers Game"?

    If salespeople struggle to make appointments, consistently miss revenue targets, or are plagued with low morale and high turnover, they are playing the wrong Numbers Game. It's time to turn those numbers upside-down!

    Stack the Odds in Your Favor

    • Less appointments, yet more closed sales
    • Fewer cold calls
    • Shorter sales cycles
    If that's what you want, contact us at High Probability Selling.

    High Probability® sales force training is customized to the needs, challenges, and goals of your organization.

    • Identify key stumbling blocks to achieving revenue targets
    • Strategize penetration and management of major or national accounts
    • Create a highly effective, uniform sales process that can be trained, tracked and managed
    • Systematically measure performance
    • Maximize the ROI of your marketing dollars
    • Create the confidence to succeed and excel in your sales force

    Similar to our Sales Prospecting and Advanced Sales Training distance learning courses, sales force training workshops can be conducted on-site or via teleclasses. Save travel expenses by gathering on the telephone, rather than in costly hotel or resort settings. Small group training, with frequent, brief sessions provides the optimum retention and maximizes utilization.

    Sales Management Training

    Develop effective strategies for managing your newly-trained salespeople. High Probability Selling is a "different ball game." When your salespeople are selling differently, they'll need to be managed differently. We train you to coach, track and evaluate a High Probability sales team.

    We train sales managers to:

    • Coach your team to continuously increase sales production
    • Establish metrics to evaluate performance
    • Track sales activities and monitor results
    • Evaluate sales tactics
    • Measure performance – easily
    Our sales management tools can be maintained in a paper-based system, or they can be integrated with most database contact management systems, such as: ACT!, Goldmine, Seibel, and Salesforce.com.

    Contact Us now for complete details on setting up a sales training program for your company or group. Or, call us at:
    800-394-7762 (disconnected).

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