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The first thing

you said in the

training was...

"I'm not here


to teach you

how to sell,

I'm here to

change your


You have.

— Paul Pencoe

Sales Training Techniques

Selling Beyond Fear!

Find out how your personal fears are affecting the way you sell! In this recorded teleconference, psychologist Dr. Wayne Diamond and Jacques Werth reveal how you can stop sabotaging your own success!

Learn more about the research that created demand for this workshop. Click here to read our original article.

Are your fears inhibiting your success?

Learn how to face your fears, conquer them, achieve more, and sell more. Everyone has fears. But, not everyone allows their fears to limit their success – not in sales, not in life.

Years of research has demonstrated that most salespeople share some of these common fears:

  • The Fear of Rejection
  • The Fear of Loss
  • The Fear of Scarcity
  • The Fear of Being Intrusive
  • The Fear of Being Offensive
  • The Fear of Not Being Believed
  • The Fear of Being Disrespected
  • The Fear of Failure and/or The Fear of Success

In this recorded workshop, you'll learn how to recognize, acknowledge, test, confront, and overcome these common barriers to sales success. Discover how you can have true courage – by developing the resources to do what you've been afraid to do!

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