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    Change Your Attitude!
    By Jacques Werth, President High Probability® Selling

    Our last Prospecting Tip suggested that you tape your telephone conversations with prospects and customers. How do you come across over the telephone? If you sound eager and deferential, it may be time for an "attitude adjustment".

    Your attitudes and beliefs shape your manner of speaking. When you change your attitudes, you naturally change your tone of voice and the impact of your communications.

    What's the best attitude for successful selling? We describe the best attitude as "neutrality." Treat the prospect with respect - but not deference. It's what Eric Berne, author of "Transactional Analysis," described as Adult-to-Adult. We describe it as "non-judgmental" or "neutral" communications.

    It's relatively easy to learn, and it can become the natural way for you to speak. Focus on adopting a 'neutral' attitude. Your prospects and customers will respond with an attitude of respect.

    Change your expections! If your expectation for your relationships is Mutual Respect, your sales results can improve to an amazing level. That's just one of the things we focus on in High Probability Selling.



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