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    The first thing

    you said in the

    training was...

    "I'm not here


    to teach you

    how to sell,

    I'm here to

    change your


    You have.

    — Paul Pencoe

    Sales Training Techniques

     $42   $47

    Selling Financial Services
    How to Distinguish Yourself in a
    Crowded, Competitive Market

    You missed this seminar. But now you have the opportunity to purchase it on CD or MP3!

    Selling Insurance and Financial Services presents challenges:

    • How can you differentiate yourself from your competition?

    • How can you retain clients and increase your revenues when the competition is making concerted efforts to win away your business?

    • How do you determine what to sell, and to whom?

    Jacques Werth, co-author of High Probability Selling, turned around several failing businesses before devoting all of his considerable sales talents to High Probability Selling. A small insurance grew and captured 22% of the market in 4 years under his leadership. Many of the principles of HPS were developed by observing top performers in the competitive insurance and financial services sectors.

    Learn how these myths negatively impact your sales:

    • Nobody wants to buy insurance or investment products; they have to be sold.
    • Computer projections are good sales aids
    • Using financial Jargon will impress and dazzle your prospects
    • Fear of loss will have prospects believing they need your product/service
    • Your manager wants you to stick around
    • You need to sell only the best, most competitive products on the market
    • If you take "No" for an answer, you lose

    Learn selling techniques and principles that really work:

    • How to define and target your real market
    • How to develop a viable prospect list
    • How, and how often, to contact prospects
    • How to develop an effective High Probability Prospecting offer
    • How to deal with prospects' information overload, voice mail, and gatekeepers
    • How to organize your time most effectively
    • Which commonly used 'poison words' you must eliminate when selling
    • Why making fewer appointments will substantially boost your sales volume
    • The Sales Steps necessary to close most of your prospects

    If you want to discover how to find and make appointments with High Probability Prospects – with people who are ready, able, and willing to buy from you – you want this recorded TeleSeminar.

    If you want to know how to make fewer appointments, while writing a lot more business, you want this recorded teleseminar.

    Buy this teleseminar and learn customized selling techniques targeted for salespeople in the Insurance and Financial Services industries.
    Click here to order.


     $42   $47



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