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The Book, “High Probability Selling” by Jacques Werth and Nicholas E. Ruben

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Available in 5 formats:
eBook, PDF digital download (1.4 MB) $9.98
Paperback book *
(8.5in x 5.5in, 178 pages in 12 chapters)
Audio book, 4 CDs *
(durable case, about 4 hours listening time)
Audio book, MP3 digital download
(54.6 MB, 4 hours)
eBook, Amazon Kindle Edition $9.97
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For shipment to other locations, please call +1 610-627-9030.
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Teleseminars led by Dr. Wayne Diamond

Photo of Dr Wayne Diamond
Selling Beyond Fear, MP3 digital download
(34.7 MB, 76 minutes)
Click here to listen to a sample
Overcoming Skepticism and Distrust, MP3 digital download
(32.6 MB, 61 minutes)
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Teleseminars led by Jacques Werth

Photo of Jacques Werth
Selling Financial Services, MP3 digital download
(37.4 MB, 82 minutes)
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Teleseminars led by Carl Ingalls

Photo of Carl Ingalls
Chapter 12 Explained, on 18 Aug 2016, MP3 digital download
(44.4 MB, 97 minutes)
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