Broad Overview Courses About High Probability Selling

One session, about 2 hours, led by Carl Ingalls.  $95 USD per student.  Next workshop will be Thu 30 Nov at 1pm (USA Eastern Time).

This workshop is a review and interactive discussion of the last chapter of the book, High Probability Selling by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben.  Chapter 12 shows what “A Complete High Probability Sale” looks like, but does not explain it.  Some people want a step-by-step explanation of what is happening in that chapter, with the opportunity to ask questions.  This workshop provides that.  We also discuss some of the details in the process that have been updated since the book was written.

The workshop is one session, about 2 hours long, and is led by Carl Ingalls.  It is live and interactive, via teleconference (telephone, audio only).  Questions from participants will be welcomed, both before and during the session.

The session is recorded, and the recording is sent to all participants as a hyperlink to a MP3 file.  You may listen to a sample of a previous workshop here.

This is an entry-level workshop.  It is intended for people who have read the book, High Probability Selling at least once, and want to learn more.  Make sure you have a copy of that book with you during the session, so you can follow the discussion.  (The book can be purchased here)

Schedule:  The next “Overview of A Complete High Probability Sale” workshop will be on Thursday 30 November 2017 at 1pm (USA Eastern Time, same as New York City).  See our calendar (a public Google Calendar) for updates.

  - $95 USD per student

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Approval is not required for this workshop.

No confidentiality agreement is required for this workshop.  Any confidential information (including the last names of the participants) is removed from the recording.

A recording of the 18 August 2016 workshop is available for $29 USD.  You may listen to some samples from that recording, or you may purchase the full recording here.

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