High Probability Selling, According to Jacques Werth

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All of the material on this webpage was written by Jacques Werth, founder of High Probability Selling, before he retired at the end of 2015.

The Origin of High Probability Selling

The High Probability Selling Process is based upon extensive research of the top 312 performers across 23 industries.  They were an elite group, part of the top 1% in their respective industries, who typically out-produced the top 20 percent in their industry by a factor of 3 or 4.  Over a period of forty years, Werth and his team went out on sales calls with top performers, observing and recording everything they did. 

Their discovery?  These sales stars had intuitively created a totally new sales paradigm.  They didn’t realize that they were different, but Jacques Werth did.  He collected the data, analyzed it, and put it together in this simple yet powerful system—High Probability Selling. 

High Probability Prospecting is an Efficient, Low-Stress Way of Finding New Business

For most salespeople, prospecting is a fact of life.  For most salespeople, it's the most dreaded part of the sales process.  But there is another way!

High Probability Prospecting is a proven and tested process that:

  • Transforms cold calling into warm calling.
  • Eliminates nearly all the rejection commonly found in prospecting.
  • Provides a no-stress way to find the best prospects for your business now.
  • Develops a warm market of prospects that will take your next calls.
  • Prevents sales resistance and pressure for the salesperson and their prospects.
  • Is easily adapted for simple and complex sales.

The salesperson can choose to deal with the resistance, which can be time consuming and/or futile, or avoid creating it in the first place.

Cold-Calling:  You avoid picking up the phone.
High Probability Prospecting:  You routinely pick up the phone - and dial.

Cold-Calling:  You feel anxious.
High Probability Prospecting:  You feel relaxed.

Cold-Calling:  You know you're likely to be rejected.
High Probability Prospecting:  You rarely feel rejected and dejected.

Cold-Calling:  You're prepared to do battle.
High Probability Prospecting:  You're prepared to do business.

Successful salespeople in over 70 industries use High Probability Prospecting every day.  They're dialing and making offers - without stress and anxiety.  They've learned how to transform cold calling into warm calling - and get meaningful and measurable results.  To learn more, check out High Probability Sales Training.