Positive Testimonials from Students of High Probability Selling

The following 26 positive reviews were written by people who learned how to do High Probability Selling (HPS) from Jacques Werth, Neil Myers, and others, between about 1990 and 2006.

From J. Cano, Empowered Financial Services

This was by far the best workshop that I have ever attended.  I learned more practical concepts in this workshop than all the others combined.  I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge that was shared during the class.  I received so much more from the class than I had originally anticipated.  I was so pleased to learn that Jacques was teaching the class, there's no better way to learn than getting it straight from the source.  The thing that was most astounding to me was how much the skills from High Probability Selling can be used in everyday life to better the interactions one can have with the people in their lives.  That was truly more than I had expected.  Since the closure of our workshop I was able to do a trust and respect inquiry on my Father (the man of few words).  In the 45 minute ride to the airport, my dad talked almost the entire way and I was truly amazed at how much I learned about my father that I never knew.  About the relationship he had with his father and how he was terrified of him.  It gave me so much insight into my father and why he behaves the way he does.  I gained a huge amount of respect for him and a deep love and appreciation for all that he has done for me.  Had I not learn how to do this, I would have never known what makes my father tick.  Thank you so much for teaching me this skill that will help my business and my life.  I will forever be grateful.  You have truly left footprints on my heart that will no doubt allow me to leave footprints on other's hearts.  I hope all the talking I've done and will continue to do about your workshop sends you some new business!  Thanks again for everything!

From Jim Shelton, Management Recruiters of North Canton

Photo of Jim Shelton holding his new award plaque. Thanks for the help!  The attached photo is me with the plaque I just received for being the National Billing Leader in our company for October of 2005!  I thank you and Jacques for all your knowledge.

From Paul Pancoe

The first thing you said in the training was, “I'm not here just to teach you how to sell, I'm here to change your life.”  You have.  Thanks.

From Jay Kaiser, Financial Services

I used to sell to less than 25% of my prospects after 3 meetings.  Now I sell to over 50% of my prospects in the first meeting.  I used to be a salesman - now I'm an order taker.  It's almost boring.

From Jim Toolen, Hi-Tech Industry

HPS has made me a more productive and happier sales person and the principles I learned also made me more effective in my role as Mayor of my community.  I highly recommend it.

From Tom Malone, Insurance Industry

I have just completed your course under the excellent leadership of Neil Myers, and I am totally pleased with my investment...  I'm sure my income will double this next year by applying the skills learned in High Probability Selling.

From R. Sims, Building Services Industry

HPS has changed my attitude about sales...completely.  I cannot imagine selling any other way.  Why?  Because I know I deserve respect...it is really just that simple to me.

From Joel Barber, Insurance Industry

[High Probability Sales Training] has reduced my prospecting angst greatly.  At first, even with HPS I had a great deal of stress when dialing.  Now, I have practically none,..

[The Conditions of Satisfaction] is a wonderfully structured method to not only have the client close themselves, but to further make certain the plan I am showing is what he/she really wants.  At least 20% of my clients have discovered they want a different program.  All I do is whip out the one that fits.  They love it, saying that other agents still continue to push on what the agents wants to sell.

...thanks a million for your excellent sales systems.

From Lee Suckow, Hospitality Industry

Having sold for many years, I had to believe that there had to be a better way to sell than the typical sales training courses taught.

As a buyer I only wanted to buy (and still do) something that would give me something that I needed, when I needed it.  Simply asking “Is this something you want?” and then saying “OK, good bye” is not only respectful of the customer, but just as important it values my time and self-esteem.  Life is too short and way too precious to waste it by selling any other way.

From Ernie Ricci, BS, DDS, MS

...The concept that propels HPS has been under every sales professional's nose for a hundred years.  It has taken someone of Mr. Jacques Werth's caliber to develop and verbalize this concept...  Why would anyone want to waste time and resources selling to someone who doesn't want or need your product or service?

From Doug Wick, Positioning Systems

High Probability Selling helped me to determine which prospects where most qualified for my service and increased my closing ratio from around 33% to 66% or better.  I've recommended this process to many of my client would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their sales process, gaining confidence in their sales ability, removing fear from the prospecting process and improving their income.

From Anne Todd, WRTI, Temple University Public Radio

The principles of High Probability Selling have touched all aspects of my life.  It is so valuable to be able to deeply relate to other people.  It is vital to notice when resistance/discomfort arises in communication and to identify and address those issues.

From Arnold Keiser, Client Development Associates LLC

I am not a big proponent of sales training.  I believe its necessary but it is my opinion that highly successful selling is more a matter of behavioral conditioning than sales techniques.

Having said that, I feel that the HPS sales program I participated in was far better than most other sales trainings I am familiar with.  I have applied what I learned from the program and have used it to my advantage.

From Andrew Cester, Printing Industry

I could write a book on this.  I've studied all sorts of sales processes, management styles and techniques.  I believe High Probability Selling works very well, but it takes a great amount of practice, discipline and self confidence to execute, just like any other habit!

In Australia most of the techniques fit and when twigged are highly successful and most importantly highly effective.

From Klaus Bung, RTC Webdesign

...Your philosophy (every detail) and the course are fantastic, and (quite literally) each time I lift the receiver and each time I put it down I think gratefully of your course and how badly I would have handled the situation without you. 

...The proof of the pudding though is in the bank balance...  Prospects who started by being 'interested' become increasingly more so as I make repeat calls, exactly according to your schedule.

I assure you that I am extremely grateful to you.  Keep up the good work.

From Richard Cummins, WYNIT, Inc.

High Probabilty Selling has helped me very much in areas where my experience is lacking and approach to the clients was weak.  Thank You for the training.  I'm not independantly rich yet, but I'm working to get there every day with your help.  Thank You.

From Trevor Snorek-Yates, Publishing

HPS has been tremendously helpful in providing me with a more concise, professional-sounding approach to creating new business.  More than that, it reminded me that I'm not trying to get someone to buy something they may or may not want, but I'm simply letting them know what I have to offer, and either they'll want it or they won't.  The analogy is that there are 10 people in a party of 100 who want, need and can afford what I'm trying to sell.

From Ted Mietzner

Greetings from the sunny Southwest.  Being a recent “graduate” I am most proud of the results.  Since completion of the tele-conference school, things for us have been terrific...  The magic question - “What do you want to do?” - has made us a very respectable $100 grand since school and using it!  Yahoo!!!!

From Mike Michelotti, Network Marketing

I'm reading your book again and continuing putting HPS into practice.  What I can say for sure is that contacting people now isn't stressful...

Network marketing is very demanding, even with a good company with credibility and good products...   it's quite daunting at times.

I'm glad I met you and your book has improved my life.  Thanks.

From Phil D'Achille, Senior Vice President, Sales, Prudential Insurance and Financial Services

This is the most dramatic development in selling that I've seen in my thirty years in the business.

From Ed Dumonceaux, Re/Max Hall of Fame, Top 100 for Re/Max Canada

I had three goals before the course: increase sales volume, increase the referral portion of my business, and replace pressure with pleasure in the sales process.  A year after the course, all three goals have been accomplished.

From Lisa Gaeto, Sales Manager, Greater Atlanta Health Services

I can honestly say that I've never been through a sales training program that had so much impact on me and the people that work for me.

From Steve Houser, CEO, Linsure, Div. Lincoln Investment Planning

An amazing difference before and after I took the workshops...  I owe my present position to High Probability Selling.

From Jim Toolen, Sales Engineer, GSI Automation

I am now much more efficient.  High Probability opened my eyes to focusing on those activities which will directly lead to the sale.

From Cliff Bassman, President, Promotions by Design, Inc.

My sales went from $250,000 to $1,000,000 the year after I did the High Probability Selling courses.

From Jeff DeLone, Agent, Mutual of New York

High Probability Selling made an incredible difference in the way I do business.  I doubled my sales the first year after I took the High Probability selling courses...

There are 9 more positive testimonials from students that appear in the latest edition of the book, High Probability Selling.