Connecting:  Listening & Hearing
Teleseminar Workshop in 3 Sessions

$255 USD per person.  Three sessions.  Starts 14 August 2018 at 4pm (USA Eastern Time)

Connecting is a Discovery Process.  We discover a lot about a person, by asking the right questions and responding appropriately.  We use what we learn to make better estimates of the probability of a good outcome.  This workshop teaches what kind of questions to ask, how to ask them, how to listen, and how to respond to answers.  We explain the things people do that make other people reluctant to reveal themselves, and we teach how to avoid doing those things.

Recommended for people who are beginning to learn how to do High Probability Selling, and who have read the book (at least once). 

Sessions are one or two hours each, spaced one week apart.  The sessions are live and interactive, led by Carl Ingalls, and conducted by teleseminar (telephone).  A workbook will be sent by email to each participant.  Exercises are assigned for participants to do during and between sessions.  Each session will be recorded, and the recording of each session will be sent to each participant. 

Confidentiality - we require each participant in this workshop to assure the other participants that they will not disclose any confidential information they may hear.  The purpose is to help participants feel more comfortable about discussing personal and business issues in the workshop.  We do this verbally during the first session of the workshop, while the session is being recorded. 

Schedule: The next Connecting workshop starts on Tue 14 Aug 2018 at 4pm.  Our time zone is USA Eastern Time (same timezone as New York City).  The second and third sessions for this workshop are 1 and 2 weeks later, on the same day of the week and at the same time.  See the HPS Calendar.

Price is $255 USD per person for this workshop.  We accept PayPal and most major credit cards around the world.  We send a link to each student we accept, so they can pay for the workshop through our secure shopping cart (we use

Approval is required.  We need to have a conversation with each applicant before accepting them in this workshop.  Please use the webform below, or contact Carl Ingalls (see info below).

Notes:  Earlier versions of this workshop have been called “Connecting with High Probability” and “Getting Personal”.  For more info on this process, see the blog post You Have to Get Personal.

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