High Probability Selling — HPS

A simple alternative to the usual way of selling

More About High Probability Selling

Features of High Probability Selling (HPS) include the following:

  • eliminates call reluctance
  • overcomes fear of rejection
  • avoids sales resistance
  • avoids triggering mistrust
  • easier handling of objections
  • more efficient qualification
  • turns cold calling into warm calling
  • simplifies closing
  • gets the salesperson off their knees
  • easier to measure

High Probability Selling is different.

  • We only meet with prospects who are likely to buy now, for their own reasons, without needing to be convinced.
  • No convincing, no persuading, no cajoling. 
  • No pushing.  No combat.  No chasing. 
  • Based on mutual commitments and mutual respect.
  • Direct.  We get to the point quickly.  We ask the questions that matter.
  • Transparent.  No hidden agenda.  Open.
  • Authentic and Real.  No pretending.  No posturing.
  • Responsive.  We listen to and honor what the prospect says.
  • And yes, it actually does work this way.

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