The Book, “High Probability Selling”
by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben

ABBA Publishing Company.  Copyright 1992-2000 by High Probability Inc.

This book tells the story of a salesperson learning High Probability Selling on the job.  It is a good illustration of what the process looks like, and can help the reader decide whether they want to learn more, or not.

Some sections of the book are available on this website (the Introduction plus Chapters 1-4, plus a bit more).  We invite you to read them by clicking on the links below.

Reading More of the Book

If you want to read more, you will need to get a copy of the book. 

You can purchase the book from us on our materials webpage, or you can get the Kindle Edition from Amazon.

The “High Probability Selling” book is available in several formats (physical, digital, printed, spoken):  paperback, audio CD, Kindle, PDF, and audio MP3.  The price is $10 to $40 (USD), depending on which format you buy, and where you buy it.

Beyond the Book ... From Reading to Doing

If you want to learn how to do High Probability Selling, the best place to begin is to read the book.  Keep reading it again and again (focusing especially on Chapter 12), until you don't learn anything new from repeated readings.  Most people are able to learn to do at least some parts of the High Probability Selling process by doing this.  A few have been very successful.

However, most people don't become as successful as they want to be just from reading the book.  For these people, we offer coaching and other forms of sales training in High Probability Selling, and we also sell recordings of teleseminars.  (see training and materials)

If you want to learn more before you decide to spend any money, you can read some articles on this website, and also some articles on the High Probability Selling Blog.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact us.