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    The first thing you said in the training was... "I'm not here just to teach you how to sell, I'm here to change your life." You have.

    — Paul Pencoe

    Sales Training Techniques

    Overcoming Skepticism and Distrust

    Order the CD recording of this TeleSeminar $67.00

    Q: How can you tell if a salesperson is lying?
    A: His lips are moving.
    (just joking?)

    Do most prospects believe what you say? If your answer is “Yes,” you are probably already a very successful salesperson. If your answer is “No” or “Sometimes,” you face skepticism, doubt, and occasional hostility on a daily basis. It's not fun and not very rewarding.

    What causes prospects to doubt and challenge much of your "pitch"? How can you overcome distrust quickly, efficiently, and effectively?

    In this new TeleSeminar, Dr. Wayne Diamond (see below) will give you the insights and tools you need to disarm prospects' conditioned skepticism. You will learn how to establish equal footing at the beginning of the sales process. You will learn how to turn off the "Prove It" posture, and engage prospects' need to satisfy their wants.

    How do you get people to believe and trust you? Learn what it takes to truly believe in yourself and your own abilities. Dr. Diamond's work with numerous salespeople over the years has led to these discoveries:

    • Self-doubt leads to mistrust. When salespeople doubt themselves, others quickly sense it and become doubtful.
    • Uncertainty creates mistrust: If you're afraid to say "I don't know," and try to cover up your uncertainty, others sense it and become skeptical.
    • Over-eagerness engenders mistrust: If you try to compensate for feeling anxious by being inappropriately cheerful, others become wary and skeptical.
    • Feeling defeated often leads to defeat: If you expect "just another rejection" when you approach a prospect, prospects sense it, and will likely reject you

    In this workshop, Dr. Diamond will coach you to begin developing genuine self-confidence. You will learn techniques for disrupting your personal negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive expectations. You will learn to stop sabotaging your own success.

    How do you get people to believe and trust you? By being genuinely trustworthy, with prospects and with yourself. Are you? If the answer is "No," you need to learn to trust yourself. A good start is your participation in this workshop.

    Order the CD recording of this TeleSeminar $67.00

    **Dr. Wayne Diamond is a leading Philadelphia therapist. His clients include salespeople, entrepreneurs, and senior partners of a billion dollar management consulting firm.

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