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    Sales Training SeminarHigh-Tech Sales: Prospecting, Closing, and Selling in Hi-Tech Industries

    "Selling Hi-Tech is Difficult" is Just a Myth!

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    It's a myth that selling high-tech products and services is much more difficult than selling most other products and services. The truth is that salespeople create their own challenges by using ineffective and outmoded selling techniques.

    Myth: Stress features and benefits of your product or service, and the value will become self-evident.

    Myth: Hi-Tech Selling is an educational sale: These are complicated products, and they require a long, educational process before a prospect can understand the benefits.

    Myth: Talk your way into an appointment, since you need prolonged face-to-face contact to convey the features and benefits of your product.

    Myth: The most important contact is the MIS or IT director.

    TRUTH: Successfully selling technology products requires the same sales process as any other product or service.

    Jacques Werth, President of High Probability Selling, has successfully sold semiconductor production equipment, circuit board assembly equipment, electronic display hardware, technical information services, and manufacturing systems software. High Probability Selling has trained salespeople from 76 industries, including the technology sectors.

    In this Teleseminar, learn:

    • How to define and target your real market
    • How to develop a viable prospect list
    • How, and how often, to contact prospects
    • How to develop an effective High Probability Prospecting offer
    • How to deal with prospects' information overload, voice mail, and gatekeepers
    • How to organize your time most effectively
    • Which commonly used 'poison words' you must eliminate when selling
    • Why making fewer appointments will substantially boost your sales volume
    • The Sales Steps necessary to close most of your prospects

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