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    High Probability® Selling graduates are succeeding in over 70 industries, including: Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Commodities
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  • Advertising
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      Sales Training Techniques

    High Probability® Sales Consulting Services
    Make Jacques Werth's 40+ Years
    of Experience Work for You!

    It's a real challenge to structure and manage a sales force effectively. Ultimately, you're just looking for results – both from your sales force and from a sales consultant.

    Expect Dramatic Results from Jacques Werth
    and his Consulting Team
    • Your sales cycle will be significantly shortened.
    • Closing rates will dramatically increase.
    • Price cutting will be minimized.
    • Your salespeople will stop wasting time on the wrong prospects.
    • Your salespeople will be trusted advisors to your prospects and customers.
    • Most salespeople will become cooperative, coachable team players.
    • Tracking of salespeople's activities will be easier and more accurate.
    Achieve Measurable Improvements

    High Probability Selling is a systematic, linear sales process. Our sales consulting services can help achieve demonstrable results and measurably improve sales performance. We demonstrate our commitment to attaining measurable results by offering contingency fee-based consulting (when appropriate) when we train at least 20 of your salespeople.

    Consulting in All Phases of Sales Force
    Development and Management

    • Sales Process Development
    • Territory Realignment
    • Account List Management
    • Prospecting List Acquisition
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Forecasting
    • SFA and CRM Selection and Implementation
    • Sales Activity Tracking, Coaching and Supervision
    • Marketing Integration

    Recruit and Hire The Best

    High Probability Sales Consulting assists in recruiting, evaluating, and hiring a sales team that will work well within your company's culture.

    The Pinnacle Group has studied the personality and sales performance characteristics of people who excel at High Probability Selling. We work in conjunction with Pinnacle to evaluate your sales candidates, comparing their personality profiles to the benchmark profile. We can also recommend sales management tactics for sales candidates that are compatible with your company's management.

    High Probability Selling can help you achieve
    dramatic increases in sales performance.
    Contact us to find out how!

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