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    "Guaranteed Results!"
    From Selling Power September 1997 - Vol.17, No.7

    High Probability Selling Guarantees Sales Results.

    One sales training and consulting firm is so sure their programs will increase your sales, they're willing to guarantee the results by linking fees to clients' fiscal performance. High Probability Selling's new contingency-based pricing structure, in which the fee is a percentage of future increases in revenues and gross profit margins, is possible because "HPS is an effective and measurable sales system," says HPS principal consultant Grant Mazmanian. The company teaches salespeople to "find and work with motivated buyers quickly and efficiently," a method that has proved successful with clients from a variety of industries, including finance, manufacturing and real estate. The company describes its methodology in the book High Probability Selling.

    You can order the book online, learn more about sales training programs, or call High Probability® Selling directly at 1-800-394-7762 (disconnected).

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