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    The first thing
    you said in the
    training was...
    "I'm not here
    just to teach
    you how to
    sell; I'm here
    to change
    your life."

    You have.

    — Paul Pencoe

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    HPS Telecourse: Training in the Basic Process

    This workshop covers the High Probability Selling process, and consists of one session per week for six weeks.

    • Meet with prospects when they are ready, willing and able to buy.
    • Get a conditional commitment to buy at the start of the sales process.
    • Develop a deep Relationship of Mutual Trust and Respect, immediately. 
    • Discover the prospect's real buying intentions. 
    • Identify all of the decision makers and have them collaborate in the buying process.
    • Uncover all potential deal-killers before you invest more time and resources.
    • Discover the prospects’ conditions of satisfaction and show how you can meet them.
    • Close using a process of mutual agreements and mutual commitments.  
    • Have your prospects create the sale and close it without pressure or discomfort.

    For Workshop Schedules, click here.

    Tuition: $775 per participant

    To register for this workshop, you may do any of the following:
        - Enroll Online (start by clicking here)
        - Call 800-394-7762 (disconnected)
        - Email jacquesw@highprobsell.com

    For more information please call 800-394-7762 (disconnected).

    Email: jacquesw@highprobsell.com


    How We Do Classes By Telephone

    The teleclasses are structured as follows:
    • Small group interactive sessions via teleclass led by a certified HPS instructor. 
    • These are 100% interactive discussion format, and therefore each workshop is limited to 10 participants.   All sessions are live, with no pre-recorded information.
    • Sessions are held once per week, and are approximately 90 minutes in length.
    • Action steps are assigned between sessions to provide real world "learn by doing" and practice opportunities for each part of the process.
    • Each session is an interactive blend of instruction, covering the fundamentals of the High Probability process and tools.  It includes role-playing and coaching based upon the students’ experience while implementing the process.
    • A complete workbook and materials will be mailed to you.
    • Recordings of each session will be made available for review.

    Why We Do Teleclasses This Way

    The intention of this teleclass workshop format is to provide both an intellectual and experiential understanding of the High Probability Selling process and the skills to apply it immediately, in a learning environment of your peers.

    For Workshop Schedules, click here.

    For more details, contact us or call 800-394-7762 (disconnected).

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