Are You a Victim of the
Financial Services Industry?

by Jacques Werth, Founder of High Probability Selling.  © 2004

Most buyers want to do business with people they can trust.  Being trustworthy is key to successful selling.  Yet, most salespeople who work in the field of Financial Services have been deliberately and calculatedly misled by their employer — usually a Brokerage Company or an Insurance Company.  Is it any wonder that only 3 out of 20 people who enter the field survive?

You are a victim of the financial services industry, if you've been told that:

Salespeople new to the Financial Services industry are usually victimized by some, or all, of these Myths.  The result?  They work hard, they work diligently — and they sell very little.  The neophyte salesperson is blamed for not being persuasive enough, being too thin-skinned, being overly sensitive, or just being lazy.

How do the top salespeople in the Insurance and Brokerage industries survive?  How do they succeed in earning six and seven-figure incomes, against the odds?  The sales stars that we've studied know how to:

When you stop being victimized by the Sales Myths perpetuated by your industry, and stop victimizing prospects by perpetuating those myths, you will enjoy real sales success.  When you differentiate yourself from your competition, know how to open and maintain real dialogue with prospects, know how to develop mutual trust and respect, and focus your selling efforts only on viable (High Probability) prospects, you can enjoy considerable success.  You don't have to work harder; you have to work more competently!