Essence of High Probability Selling
a Sales Training Course

One interactive session, 2 hours, $142 USD per student.  Video Meeting (Zoom).

Recommended for people who want to understand the basics of High Probability Selling (HPS), either as a beginner's course or as a refresher course.  Some sessions may be offered only to beginners (with no prior training in HPS), and some sessions may be offered only to people who have had some training in the past. 

Topics covered:

Video Meeting format (Zoom), real-time and interactive.  Mostly spoken instruction, with some visual content.  Led by Carl Ingalls.  Everything will be recorded, and the recording will be sent to each participant as a link to an MP4 download. 

Price is $142 USD per person.  We accept PayPal and most major credit cards around the world.  We send a link by email to each student we accept, so they can pay for the workshop through our secure shopping cart (we use

Schedule:  See the HPS Sales Training Calendar.  Course schedules will also be announced on the HPS Blog

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